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FREE four week workshop to learn the techniques that deliver optimal results, that's not "busy work" but life's calling.

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Refocus on What Matters Most in Your Life

You have a special calling, something that's given to you, that inspires you. I'm 100% convinced that by pursuing what ignites your soul we will transform the world.

However even with our best intentions, life can throw us off course, so we need something that we can depend on, account on and trust that will support us for greater success.

This workshop will provide tips and tricks that have been scientifically researched as well as utilizing peak performance strategies that, when used together, will launch your life.

Emails, voicemails, texts, notifications, meetings and agreements all require our focus and attention. Tracking all of it can be exhausting.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

With so many things pushing and pulling on our lives, it can be very challenging to know what to do next. More importantly the question is should you be doing it?

Lack of Direction?

One of the biggest questions is "I have so much to do, I don't even know where to begin." Does this sound familiar? We can help!

Feeling Stuck?

"You'll never see how to get there if you are waiting to see how to get there before you see yourself there."

David Allen

What people are saying about the class

Jennifer Lonicker

Sales Administrator / Assistant to the Regional Director

Using these methodologies, my work is more efficient and effective, but it doesn’t stop there. I am also getting things done at home and have become more aware of my time and its value. Accomplishment and awareness are wonderful too. But these benefits coupled with the reduction of stress have been a true blessing.

Jan Harmon

Accountant, CPA

I am so grateful to you! I have learned so much & found so many resources because of it. But most of all, I have experienced a shift in my attitude that I can't begin to thank you enough for.

Luan Reddecliff

Entrepreneur & Coach, SkillHouse

With his guidance, Andrew and I had the opportunity to experience unbridled joy! WOW!! The energy in the room doing our workshop was incredible —Andrew and I “floated” back to Oxford. Our time together also demonstrates the power of mirroring (part of the foundation for Skill House) —this is how I want to spend Everyday!

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